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KONE revolving doors
KONE revolving door 30
KONE revolving door 50
KONE revolving door 100
Product information

Our revolving doors combine high-quality materials, flexible operation, and good durability with energy efficiency. The KONE Revolving Door 100 is the perfect complement to buildings where visual appearance is as important as performance. The KONE Revolving Door 50 is ideal for busy environments where efficient, smooth people flow is critical. The KONE Revolving Door 30 is an economical way to provide a modern and efficient entrance solution.

  • Customizable to match your building design

  • Attractive, energy-efficient LED lighting

  • Latest safety technology

  • Durable and easy-to-clean materials

  • Three or four collapsible or foldable wings

  • Optional theft-resistant features

  • KONE Revolving Door 30

  • KONE Revolving Door 50

  • KONE Revolving Door 100

Offices, transit centers, hotels, medical facilities, and retail centers.

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