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Monitoring of Burden Profile in Blast Furnace
Measuring range 1.5 to 10m
Accuracy ±50mm(Subject:Metal face)

Microwave Profilemeter is a non-contact type level meter so designed that the raw materials level in the blast furnace is continuously measured by inserting a lance equipped with a microwave sensor into the furnace center.
The Profilemeter feeds the lance position data and level measurement data into a process-computer,and displays the configuration of raw material deposit in blast furnace on a CRT display.
The data of Profilemeter are useful for reduction of the fuel cost in blast furnace and establishment of the new and effective operation technique.

1.Microwave Circuit box

2.Control Panel

1-A.Mixing Amplifier Circuit Board

1-B.Modulator Driver Circuit Board

3.Signal Processing Panel

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